Creating beautiful spaces where people thrive!


Manderley Design Co. was born out of a life-long passion for beautiful spaces. I ran a successful event design company for over a decade, but eventually found that I wanted to create more permanent spaces that would become a part of my clients' every day lives; places in which they would prepare amazing meals, watch children grow, revel in great conversation, return to after a stressful day. Places that would make each day better; each day a celebration.

At Manderley Design Co., we offer a broad range of interior design and decorating services. From the beginning stages of new construction where we are selecting fixtures and finishes from architectural plans; to remodels of well-loved homes that involve space planning and fresh but respectful updates to the design;  to one-room decor and styling, we approach every project as a new opportunity to create a beautiful space where you will thrive! 

--Alexa Johnson